Yoga and Me

Yoga or just time to yourself as I like to call it! I find yoga great just to give me a chance to stop, clear my head and give myself a little me time!

Yoga is great as you don’t need anything, just yourself! Before I got my yoga mat I used to use a towel or just the rug! Yoga been really helping me through lockdown as it just gives 10, 20 minutes or however long just to concentrate on what my body is doing and to clear my mind of everything that has happened throughout the day!

I love to do a few stretches 10 minutes before bed just to help myself switch off and wind me down, it has given me such a better night’s sleep since I started. When I plan on doing a bit longer session I find preparing the room before I start, makes a huge difference – setting the scene if you will! – Calming music, candles, and a plug in smelly whatever I find relaxing on that day really!

I think with everything that is going off in the world at the moment, it’s really important to support everyone but also to support yourself! Finding a new hobby is always exciting and what a perfect time to try something new that you can do safely at home!

What new or existing hobbies are you up to at the moment?

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