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Treacle's Story

Treacle was left at the gates at the Mansfield adoption centre when she was around 2 years old, the story before that is very much unknown. Unfortunately when she was left it was at night in a cardboard box which she easily escaped from! She was gone for 2-3 days, we left a trap out constantly and was shouting her every day. We knew her name as it was on the box that she had been left in. Luckily Treacle turned up on a Wednesday afternoon in the car park and let us pick her up and take her into the centre. Once we had got her into a pen we quickly realised Treacle really wasn’t keen on the pens and she became upset quite quickly, showing fear aggression. 7 months went by and Treacle was still struggling in the centre, she was getting lots of attention because of how beautiful she was but no one wanted to take her on because of how worried she was. I decided to foster her at this point and I brought her home. On the first night we had prepared a sanctuary room for her which had everything she needed however Treacle had very different ideas! As soon as we went in she escaped past us run straight down the stairs to be greeted by Rolo! She quickly showed Rolo where his place now was in the house ranking and settled on the arm of the sofa! She had fully decided within the hour that we would do as her family! A couple of days after she had settled really well, so we fully adopted her and 6 years later…. Were so happy she’s happy with us! She is a huge part of the family and we wouldn’t have her any other way! She is still very happy to do everything her way but is no longer showing fear aggression and definitely loves her fusses…. On her terms of course!

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