The Cat Watch Team - an update

Hello Everyone!

You may have seen our previous post in October 2020 in regards to all the fabulous work our team and our volunteers get up to, promoting neutering in Nottingham.

We wanted to keep you updated that due to Covid-19 restrictions, our team are severely limited on the activities we can currently take on. This is to, of course, protect our team and the communities we work in.

At the moment our TNR work is restricted to sick and injured cats and most times, the RSPCA are the more appropriate team to handle these if the matter is really urgent.

Our assistance with neutering owned cats is also very limited. Our policies state that we can only help to neuter cats if there is a welfare concern; for example multiple cats who are unneutered in one household. This would make our assistance more urgent.

We know that everything is incredibly difficult at the moment and we really miss being out and about, helping our community and their cat friends.

We promise we will be back as soon as we possibly can!

Until then, you can always call our team for advice.

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