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What we do

As a team we work intensively in areas of Nottingham where there is a high population of stray or community cats. Our aim is to identify people who may be providing food or shelter for these cats and to support them in improving their welfare.

Cats can be straying in an area for a number of reasons and some welcome human contact where others don’t. Every cat is an individual. It’s important to do what is best for each one and not to assume they all want to live in a house with people.

Strays and Community Cats

Cats can be reported to our team as strays either through social media pages, phone calls or by people speaking to us while we are out and about. If an report of a stray cat does come through our next steps would be to see if the cat is happy for us to approach them, scan them for a microchip if nothing comes up we can put a paper collar around there neck with our contact details on. This then enables the owner or caretaker of the cat to get in touch when the cat returns home with the collar on. (These collars easily detach and don’t cause the cat any harm or distress). Again if nothing comes back our last step is to post flyers in the local area with a picture of the cat and see if we get any feedback regarding who may own, feed or care for the cat.

After we’ve given suitable time for a possible owner to come forward and we’ve heard nothing back, we can move ahead with the cat as a stray.

Rehoming or Returning?

If the cat we’re working with seems to enjoy human company and is reliant on people to feed them we can go ahead and find a home for it through one of our adoption centres.

If the cat is showing signs of being less sociable around people it is often the best, least stressful way forward to neuter the cat and return them to where they live. This will often involve us using a humane trap to catch the cat, take them to a vet for neutering and return the cat after their procedure the following day.

It is important for any cat that is going to be returned to a neighbourhood that they have a regular feeder and places that are safe and warm to sleep outdoors. Once neutered the cat is overall happier, healthier and less likely to fight and mate with other cats. This will help to stop the spread of illnesses and cap the population of stray cats within the community.

Why neuter?

Neutering involves surgery to stop the cat from producing kittens but it also helps to prevent certain cancers developing, lessens the chance of transmitting FIV/FELV and improves the quality of life for the cat.

Without the constant need to find females, Male cats will fight less, roam less and overall be healthier and happier.

Without constantly producing and caring for kittens, female cats can enjoy life as a cat and not have to struggle to feed itself and it’s young. A single female can have 3 litters of kittens a year (exhausting!).

But what about owned cats?

As a team we also promote the neutering of owned cats and aim to spread the word amongst communities of the benefits of having your pet cat neutered and how to get help with the cost. The Nottingham area is part of our East Midlands £10 campaign, which means if you are eligible for the scheme you can get your cats neutered and microchipped for just £10! If you would like to do this just contact our friendly team at 03000 12 12 12 and they will help you with the process.

Our Team

In Nottingham we have a great team with 5 staff members and a group of volunteers who are a great help with TNR, leafletting and helping with transport.

We also have lots of fantastic people within the communities across Nottingham who help by donating food, carriers, towels and bric-a-brac to use for our tombola’s and raffles.

To support residents to get their pet cats neutered we can sometimes provide second hand carriers and also transport. So please get in touch and see how we can work together to get your cat done!

Our Goal

We love to help cats and work alongside residents in the community but so we can work with more residents and cats we focus our work in new areas along the way.

The communities then work together to help continue the neutering message so new residents and cats to the area have the information on how to get their pet cats neutered and what to do if someone comes visiting for food and shelter!

Our goal is to have the whole of Nottingham working alongside us to help community cats and pet cats be happier and healthier! Just purrfecct!

Tell the World!

We will be asking residents to spread the word on social media when they have had their cat neutered with the £10 neutering scheme or if we have worked together to help a stray cat in your community. By doing this, it means more cats get the help they need and your time spent on social media will make a big difference, so thank you in for your support!

We have lots of online resources for you expand your knowledge on all things cat, from fleas to managing your cat’s behaviour. Contact us if we can help with any further advice too! We love to hear from you!

The Cats Protection website has lots of helpful information So please feel free to have a look around J

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