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Paper Christmas Decorations

To make these 3D star decorations you will need some card or paper, glue or double sided tape and string or ribbon to hang them from.

You can find many templates for shapes including stars online or draw your own – it doesn’t have to be perfect! Draw your star onto card and cut it out, this will be your template. Draw round this onto your chosen paper to make 5 stars. Cut these out then lightly score or fold each star down the middle to make it easier to stick together. Glue or use tape to stick each half to the next until you have built up the 3D shape. Before gluing the last two together, place your string or ribbon in the middle to hang the ornament from. You could even leave some below the star and attach beads to it if you are feeling more creative.

You can use circles instead of stars and make them in the same way – these are easy as there is always something round you can use as a template, e.g. a roll of cellotape.

These are great decorations for children to make and you don’t need any special equipment to make them. If you don’t have coloured card or paper just use what you have, newspaper, white paper, old envelopes or magazine pages can be repurposed to make unique decorations!

Of course Christmas crafts wouldn’t be the same without making paper chains. These really are the easiest but most impressive decorations. Again, use whatever you have to hand, cut strips of paper about 2cm by 15cm and create a chain by connecting each link with either glue, tape or staples.

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

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