My cat is a dog...

My cat Sergeant Peanut Butter is a little odd. He pretty much behaves like a dog. He’ll eat anything if you leave it around too long… I’ve seen him eat an entire hair band because I was too slow to stop him. Once I saw him eating in the street outside my house, it looked like a piece of stale bread. How does he even find these things? He has eating or destroyed not one but three pairs of headphones! I have had to buy wireless ones for his own safety.

Not only does he have bizarre eating habits but he behaves like a dog with other cats. He lives alone with me so none of the cats I see him in the street with are from our household but he treats them likes he’s known them for years.

He plays pounce and chases them up and down the street. Sometimes he gets a firm smack on the nose by certain cats but he has finally (and strangely) found a cat who likes him! He goes everywhere with a tabby and white girl who lives one street over. He even brings her to the front door when he wants to come inside. I’ve never seen two cats get on so well, but don’t worry, when she tried to come inside the house he quickly changes his mind and tells her off!

So confusing!

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