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Looking after pets kept outside

Today a lot of rabbits and guinea pigs are lucky enough to live indoors with their owners, but for those that are kept outside, it’s essential to check on them regularly in the winter months to check they are doing ok.

Lots of hay and straw is important to keep our furry friends warm but remember to check daily that it hasn’t become damp. Insulation can be made or bought in the form of weatherproof covers for wooden enclosures or guinea pig hutches, but make sure there is still good air flow for ventilation.

Water bottles can freeze in cold snaps, leaving our pets with no water which could quickly lead to serious illness, so check them regularly to make sure.

Guinea pigs are happier in groups and rabbits need the company of another rabbit too – this also helps them keep warm and feel safe in the winter.

Lastly, if you can, bring them indoors in bad weather or even into a shed or garage….they will thank you for it!

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