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Lockdown 2: The Return of Pretending that I have hobbies

After successfully making it through Lockdown 1 without losing my cool, I feel quite ready to take on round 2. When I say I didn’t lose my cool… I mean my house is still standing and I can still speak to other humans without totally freaking out, like a child raised by wolves. So success is subjective I guess.

Lockdown 1 came as a pretty big shock to everyone I like to think. It seemed totally unprecedented to be told you just can’t live your life like you normally would; being told you can’t work anymore, told you can only go outside for one hour of exercise, trying to order food shops when everything is fully booked and trying to remember to change your clothes once in a while, or at least wash your face. After the initial bombshell that we could finally live the slob lives of our dreams, we then had to contest with social media telling us that we were being too lazy! There does seem to be a huge difference between “surviving” lockdown and “thriving” through lockdown if you spend as much time on social media as I do. All those smug faces...

“You aren’t learning a new language in Lockdown?”

“You haven’t redecorated your entire house?”

“I’ve made so many glorious cakes!”

“I can’t believe you haven’t been writing, directing and starring in a play about Coronavirus with your 6 children who normally hate education!”

Like this smug mare!

The pressure felt insane.

My Social Media Hobbies:

· Walking extensively in beautiful woodlands.

· Eating fancy homemade meals.

· Enjoying snuggling up with my cat in the evenings.

· Reading all the time.

· Playing music and generally being creative.

My Actual Hobbies:

· TV. Watching the TV. Literally anything.

· Walking to the local park most days because I need AIR.

· Checking the clock… how is it so dark this early!!!

· Talking at length with my cat… He doesn’t appreciate it.

At least the second time round I can comfortably say… sod off.

TV here I come.

I don’t know about you but some days it’s hard to even force myself out of bed to face another day of grey skies and indoor living, let alone deep cleaning my oven and sewing a new dress! Not that I hate being indoors normally; strangely I’m a total home bird when I’m given the choice. But without the choice, I’m like a toddler having a tantrum “I want to go to the GARDEN CENTRE!!!”

Not only is it just generally very stressful at the minute but now money worries are creeping in as the heating bills rise. I am also not saving money at all, because takeaways are one of the few joys left to a recluse!

So Lockdown 2 is less of a shock but I still feel pretty weird. It’s probably the longest year of my life but I hope in a few years to come it will be a funny anecdote when you’ve had a long, stressful day at work... “Remember the time we had months off work?! Those were the days.”

I keep stopping and thinking, man I’d love a holiday from all this. Then I remember it’s kind of a global thing… Surely there’s a stunning little island with white sands and coconuts that I could hide out on while this all blows over? It’s probably been bought by Kanye West already…

Sometimes finding the funny side is much harder but thankfully its human nature to laugh at the hard times, not always when they’re happening, but sometime soon.

We’re all in this together. We might not be in the same situation at home or at work, but we are all coping through an actual pandemic. Who’d have thought it!

So keep social; talk to each other.

Seriously though… “It’s dark and it’s only 3.30pm!!!”

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