Let's Get Write To It

I've always enjoyed reading poetry and had an idea of what it was supposed to look like from English Lit classes in secondary school. Visions of Keats and Kipling immediately spring to mind, but sadly the poems do not (apart from Rudyard Kipling's 'If' but this seems to be a UK Secondary school given). It wasn't until I discovered the poetry of Rupi Kaur and Holly McNish in the last few years that poetry turned on its head for me. Both Kaur and McNish write from a female perspective and also one very in tune with the world around us, leading me through a kaleidoscope of emotions. Depression, anxiety, joy at female friendships and female sexuality. It made me see poetry doesn't have to be written a certain way, with set stanza's or tempos (although I do love a good haiku) and can be as long or as short as you wish.

I'm a fan of quick and to the point poetry and don't mind a rhyme every now and again, although it isn't necessary. I try to write from whatever I am feeling at the time as forcing things into fruition never seems to work (I can confirm this as I write this quick introduction instead of focusing on my coursework). My favourite things to write are silly ditties about whatever I am excited about at the time. Friendships and ultimately female sexuality and joy. I try to write in a way that isn't overtly sexual but with imagery and descriptions that make me think I could be writing about something else entirely if it was read and taken on face value.

I've only been writing openly since the beginning of 2021 and put the words that make the most sense on my Instagram page @letsgetwritetoit

Not everything I write see's the light of day and I don't brood over what I've written. If it's cobbled together and makes sense with no spelling mistakes, I'll share it.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this gives me a little kick to carry on writing and sharing. Even if no-one reads it, it's just a little corner of the internet just for me to immortalize my thoughts and words. Well, unless I decide to delete it all!

Please see some of my favourite things written recently.

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