Handsome kitty gets new start in life

Updated: May 11, 2021

This is the story of Grayson Purry.

This gorgeous boy was reported to our Cat Watch team in February as a stray who had been in the area for at least 8 months. He was very lucky to have local residents who fed him and made him a shelter to rest in. As a handsome devil, residents wanted him to have a new shiny indoor lifestyle. Unfortunately he was very nervous but the feeders had managed to stroke him a few times while he was eating and also snuck a paper collar on him to see if anyone owned him.

He had a few previous injuries, including a few abscesses but he was healing up well, with the help from his feeder. Injuries like these are very common with stray males who have not been neutered, because they spend more time fighting for females and travelling long distances.

While the lovely local residents kept Grayson Purry well fed and cosy warm, our team posted photo flyers in the area to see if anyone owned him. After a week and no responses, we decided to trap him.

After calling ahead and securing a space for Grayson at the Cats Protection Nottingham Adoption Centre, we trapped the furry stray with an autotrap.

He was trapped in March and taken to the centre.

As an update, Grayson Purry has settled in nicely and loving some affection. He has been taken to Dereham Adoption Centre and will be finding a new home in Norfolk.

Good luck to you Grayson Purry!

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