Double T Employability Programme

Double T is a social enterprise that runs an employability programme, using the profits from our property development services. Our programme focuses on confidence-building, exploring self-identity and developing skills that ethical employers will recognise and appreciate. We work with young, and often vulnerable, unemployed people living in Nottingham, who might want to feel excited about their future again. People go on to successfully find part-time or full-time jobs, apprenticeships, training or education and the social impact we have as a result is what drives us.

On the programme we support with developing CVs, job searching, applying for courses and paid employment, interview skills and much more. We can also support people to apply for grants, buy interview clothes and pay for replacement ID etc.

We are able to offer support remotely, by phone, email, text, video call etc. depending on how people are comfortable speaking with us. When Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we can also meet clients at our office in Carrington and in various locations across Nottingham.

Here are Paul and Charlotte explaining about their time on the Double T Employability Programme.

Paul’s Story

“I’m back on my stride again”

“I was on Universal credits, looking for a job but my leg was my main barrier. Obviously, people were doing the same thing as me but they didn’t have the disadvantage so that would sometimes be in the way. It would make it harder for me to get a job. They would look at me and think “could he do that job?”. I got that for quite a bit. Double T filled out a wonderful CV with me and I did work experience in their construction team. And as a result, they have taken me on as an Apprentice Plasterer. The Employability Programme team are good people, whereas I’d been to other places and it was diabolical. I’d rate the service. I lost a bit of confidence before, a bit of self-esteem, and I feel I’ve got that back now. I’m back on my stride again. I feel like I’m doing well – jobs a good’un. Before I was a bit down in the dumps really, so now it’s not so negative on my son”.

Charlotte’s Story

“Before this Employability Programme I wouldn't have been so friendly"

"I was a bit sceptical – about working with somebody, meeting new people. I just didn't see the point really, I thought this is going to be a load of c**p. But I thought about what my Work Coach said, and I thought well I'm not losing anything – so I did it.

I was a naughty kid – I always used to walk out my lessons. I never listened to teachers and never did my work. But this Employability Programme was good, I actually did enjoy it. I'm surprised I got along with Annabel so fast. She helped me with my CV and she encouraged me to join a course – Customer Service Level 1. Before this Employability Programme I wouldn't have been so friendly. It feels good having completed something. It feels like there are possibilities in life now".

If you are interested in the programme, or would like to find out more information:


Or contact Harriet by phone or text on: 07368 646 593

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