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The Cat Watch Team

It's nice to meet you!

Amy Carlin

Community Neutering Officer

Hi I’m Amy and I work as a Community Neutering Officer for Cats Protection. I have been with Cats Protection a while now, just going into my 9th year. My story started as a volunteer at Mansfield adoption centre cleaning out pens, feeding cats and general care for the cats and kittens at the centre which I absolutely loved. I’ve never left! I went to on to work as a Cat Care Assistant for 5 years at Mansfield adoption centre and now I’m here. It has given me great opportunities to meet so many lovely like-minded people and so many gorgeous cats and kittens along the way!
At home there’s my beautiful mischievous cat Treacle who is 8 years old and my gorgeous and cheeky dog, Rolo who is the same age. We also have 18 fish and 13 frogs that live in the pond outside and 4 fish and 2 shrimp that live in the tank inside!
In my spare time I love to go to the seaside. One of my very favourite past times! Me and Rolo love walking on the beach. My favourite hobby has to be crochet and all types of crafts. I also love to do yoga and most of the time Rolo and Treacle like to join in. Especially if it means they can just chill out on the matt!

Susan Hammond

Community Neutering Assistant

Hi I’m Susan, one of the Community Neutering Assistants for the Nottingham area.
I have worked with various domestic and wild animals for 15 years and have been working for Cats Protection for 10 months now. I love cats because they all have such different personalities, they like doing their own thing but are happy to spend time with us too!
I have had many cats over the years and like to take on the older ones or those with problems. I have a little tortie cat at the moment and she is called Carla. Carla was taken to one of our animal centres in a terrible state and she ended up having to have both of her ear canals removed in separate operations. This was a lot for her to go through but the wonderful staff at the centre and vets have given her a new chance at life.
Carla is now totally deaf but has adapted very well to life and treats me like her ‘hearing dog for the deaf’. If you asked her about me she would probably say I am very good but am a little slow at picking up on things like what time dinner should be served!
Getting a rescue cat you often never know their history and how they came to be looking for a new home. Carla is an older girl at 13 but when the vets checked her over they found she had been neutered so I know someone cared for her at some point. I will always wonder what went wrong…
I also have two house rabbits, both over nine years old now ( they would not be impressed if they didn’t get a mention), they are called Alice and Juliet.
We would love to hear about your cats past and present and do take a look at our craft, cooking and information sections for some fun things to make and do!

Yvette Adams

Community Neutering Officer Project Support

Hi I’m Yvette and I have worked for Cats Protection for nearly 11 years. During my first 5 years I worked with the cats at one of our adoption centres and since then I have been working with the cats and community in Nottingham. I love doing the community work as because we target our work in small areas, it feels like you become part of the community.
I have one cat called Tiggy who is about 8 years old. He turned up in my garden about 5 years ago. He hadn’t been neutered and was limping so when I couldn’t find his owner, I took him to the vets to get him neutered and treat his foot. He then decided he wanted to move in and has been with us ever since. He is a very independent cat and doesn’t really like to be stroked but follows us around the house as he likes to be in whichever room we are in.
On my days off I volunteer for another charity and walk an 11 old year Westie called Toby as his owner is unable to walk him.

Our Volunteers

We also have an invaluable team of volunteers that help with social media, TNR, events and transporting the cats to and from the vets. We really couldn’t do what we do without them! 

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